Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DrAma and Movie Recently I watched

Chinese/Taiwan Movie:
  • Hear Me..

Cheerful delivery boy Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng) delivers lunchboxes to a local hearing-impaired swimming team.
He holds a torch for hearing-impaired cutie Yang Yang (Ivy Chen), who's often at the pool to cheer on her older sister Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen).
Yang Yang wholeheartedly supports Xiao Peng's dream of competing in the Deaflympics, even if it means working multiple jobs and giving all her time to her sister.
Yang Yang slowly falls for Tian Kuo's goofy charms, but the burgeoning romance opens a rift in the sisters' relationship.


  • Yihan Chen(陈意涵), Eddie Peng(彭于晏), Yanxi Chen(陈妍希), Lo Bei-an(罗北安), Mei Shiu Lin(林美秀)

My suggestion about this movie~ it's and cute couple also.. ^_^ This is story about a different love..and I can feel it..
*oh..Perasan dalam crita nih..baju si lelaki pakai same macam my jinjin pakai..wah~* so, guys~ try watch it and feel it~ WAVESSS ^///^