Friday, January 27, 2012

G-Market!! i want to go...

HEy Guys!~ how are ya??

=So, G-Market is one of full of fashion market!! can u imagine it?? it's reallyx2 cool!!
wah...bestnyyyaaaa~~ kalau G-market ada kat sni!! I wish G-market will be hear at KL!!
Someone help me!~~ omo!! wanna go this shop!!captain G' wait for me ya~~~ ^^ hehe

*TAdaa! kyopta! rite?* our GD.. *Thanks for video from the right owner!*

I wish I'll go someday~My lovely friends~come on ride on!! haha ^^ see ya-tc

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Melo~ Romance Drama! JGS~

Everyone must knew about Our OPPA!! Jang Geun Suk OPPA!! ^^

Another 2010 Drama and collaboration with a new Lovely Partner "Yoona SNSD" !!
wahhh~ aMazing and Lovely Couple! Right??

So, this Drama will air around year 2012! Waiting For it!! OPPA.UNNI. Fighting!! ^_^

_Wait for it_ see ya for new entry and don't forget to sharing~ya~ Jaa-

Ft Island In Malaysia~

Dear All, How are ya??

Ok, Story about FT Island came to Malaysia!! wah.. bestnya!!
Ramai gilaaa~~ yang pergi tengok! ^_^
Mesti FT ISland sukaaaaaaaaaa Sangat tengok Fanzss Kat sini!

*Hope ada yang gembira and sudi sama2 berkongsi cerita! *

SEE ya~ FT Island Daebakkkk!! Kamsahamida for coming to Malaysia!!