Saturday, April 28, 2012

Running Man Bigbang!!

HeY VIP fanS!! Photobucket have youu already watched Running Man Tv Show??? it's time for BIGBANG! Photobucket

* cute right?? even they felt embarrassing moment for them..hehe Photobucket "ini dia kuasa memanggil yang ada pada cincin hikmat.." aigoo- noumux2 kyoo...!

 ** Part nih memang kelakar!..funny ^____^ 

*Kyaaahh dies when GD smiling! Photobucket P.s: nampak saya ade kat situ tak? haha

*Yeay!! GD got Giraffe and Tiger~ Photobucket P.s: masa nih sepatutnya GD hampir bertemu dengan Jae suk tapi terjumpa dengan 2 org nih..hehe kelakar muka kwang soo

* Haroro really annoying but cute..haha I laugh hard when haroro said "where's GD?" to GD directly.. lol aigoo- Photobucket P.s: nasib lah ada episode seterusnya bila BIGBANG kembali membalas dendam and GD tak terlepas peluang untuk membuat macamana Haroro memalukan Photobucket kyaahh~so cute~!! 

P.s: wanna buy all episode in running man tv show!! *addict with this variety show already lol *

-See ya and don't forget to stop by..hehe Photobucket

Hayate The combat Butler live action hao.. (dah lama tak tukar2 ayat nih..hehe) Photobucket  cute tak emoticon nih-hehe citer nih live action dari taiwan dan berkolaberasi dengan actress korea.."Park Shin hye" (one of my favorite actress) Unnie love ya~ Photobucket


 The main cast: George Hu as Ling Qi sa (hayate) 
                       Park Shin Hye as Xiao zhi
                       Tia Li as Maria 

kalaulah dapat jadi Puan muda..hehe chet- dapat seorang butler macam George Hu..aduss.. Photobucket bestnya~~ haha *tongue* overall citer nih memang kelakar + romantic..* dah kata suka genre citer macam nih kan..hehe * cari the making with english subtitle tak ada lagi..* cannot understand what they talk about * huhu- tapi bila tengok chemistry mereka...wah..nampak macam mereka faham antara satu sama, guys don't forget to watch it and come share your story about this drama.. see ya.. Zai Jian..

P/s : miss my Jerry yan, Wu chun, Show Lo, mike he.. Photobucket

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Car Accessories..

Hi GuyS!! wink2..

Today, I want to share new things for my lovely car.. Photobucket here~! jeng jeng "Pak cik Geleng" haha cute + cool + funny aite?? Photobucket


Every-time we want to go somewhere he will always shake left and right his head and I will laugh because of his fierce face with sunglasses.."itu dia..pak misai menggelengkan kepalanya" haha

P/s:currently watch Love Rain & Lady castle.. "listen their songs"

SEe ya neXt time with a lot of stories..  Photobucket

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paradise Kiss live action

hey minna konbawa~! Photobucket long time no see any japan movie.. as you know I'm more to Kpop now since Kpop already spread around the world..and of course I miss so much about japan drama and japan movie..!! Photobucket lastly, I remembered Mukai his role in paradise kiss live action.. one of the best anime book~ Photobucket

Kawaii ne~his smile !! Photobucket

 beautiful couple~  Photobucket
"What do you think about this drama?"

-ja- see another new entry ne~wait for ya ! Photobucket

FloWer boy RamyuN Shop~

Hey guys~ I bet you guys already watch this drama right?? milkysmile This drama already become one of my favorite Comedy romance!! Kyaa~ Daebak !!

 <- the casts really matching with their roles..haha
      always and always make me wanna laugh a lot! milkysmile

Here~the scenes in drama that make me always love to watch it again and again~~ !!! haha  milkysmile

<- first saw *wife* play punching game and start to fallen in love with her.. haha
(tak sangka ada jugak lelaki yang jenis macamni..haha)

-comel kan? cute ne?

aigoo !! - Kang hyuk want to confess *Wife*
(alamak..pandangan yang manja..)

- *Yang eun Bi* "eye blinkx2.." haha

  <- haha Intern*Yang eun Bi* mad what chi soo always nag about her.. *pity for him but wanna laugh hard..hehe*

(chi soo sangka telur tu dah masak..haha)

 <- Chi Soo feel very embarrassed with himself to Intern*yang eun Bi* haha
(dia ingat intern nak bunuh diri dengan makan ubat tuh..rupa2nye..intern sakit perut..sanggup pergi tengok intern malam2 buta sambil pakai baju tidur..haha)

<- Pororo !! milkysmile

( chi soo said Pororo better than his father..haha Kyopta! )
I like the way he smile !! because I am always take my picture and smile like this~ hehe milkysmile

= I like OST song " happy and The person i love by Jung II Woo " (since my ipop cannot play the music aargh stress about it, so feel free to see it here ok :-

= all video creedit by it owner..

Thanks for viewing! wait for the next entry~ milkysmile

You're my pet!

Hey Guys~comeback 2012 new entry!! how are ya???

Lately, I've been hiatus for a while..*I guess..hehe* Free Avatars now comeback with a lot of story that I want to share !! YeeepEE! haha
Recently I have been watching You're my pet Korean drama is about the love story between a woman who loves pets suddenly meet a man who wants to be one of the pet. That Man *Jang Geun Suk Oppa*want to stay at her home because he realize there is no place to stay .. after that, love begins .... * so sweet !! * in this drama, JGS is really2 (chongmalx2) cute!!Free Smileys If Oppa be one of my Pet, OMG !! I am always at home .. hahaha Free Userbars Japanese Emoticons so far, I've see more than five times..haha so, how about you all?already watch it? 

This pictures really cute right??Oppa!!saranghaE!!


OST You're my Pet! KyoPtaa!!


= all video credit to it owner

See ya~!! wait for my new entry- Anyeong~  Free Icons