Tuesday, March 16, 2010


woot woot..

da lame gle xupdate blog ni..
1st of all, i do not know want to write..
well, wait ya!! i will post something..

aja aja!!fighting..
ganbatte kudasai!! ^_^

pic ni mase ngah borink2 trjumpa..
funny pic there!! lol :P

that's all.. see next time ok! bye~ oh..take care too..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

do re mi fa so la si do~

jang geun suk
cha ye-ryeon
jeong ui-cheol

Love triangles are a favorite topic for writers of melodramas but keeping them fresh is a challenge. Director Kang Geon-hyang feels up to the challenge and had gained some experience in handling this topic on film while working as an assistant director on A Romance Of Their Own. In this new movie for New Crayon Entertainment, young music-loving Eun-gyu falls in love with energetic Jeong Won but rival Hee-won strives to drive a wedge between the two. The part of Eun-gyu will be played by Jang Geun-seok (One Missed Call 3). Jeong Won is played by Cha Ye-ryeon (Whispering Corridors 4: The Voice), and interfering Hee-won is played by Jeong Ui-cheol (tv's Rainbow Romance.


borink2 tgkla cter ni..cm best synopsis nye..
nd agk cedey last2..meleleh air mate kua.. *tgk feel la..*

i think this story have a good advice for who had a triangle love..
nd will make ur choice for the one u really love..
^^ touching nd best love story..

that's all..*itu je* k,jmpa lg.. konbawa..^^

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hi~ geng,friends,roommate,neighbor,group and so on..
mula2 nk post pe ek..

by the way..i will use this blog for all of you who are friend nd group lovesss kpop,jpop nd tpop..oh forgot..also my diaries..
sbnarnye xtaw nk watpew..da borink sgt ^_^ so, tringin jgk kongsi2 ngn kowang sume..
join taw..jgn x join..

by the way..i will make a multi language or words here..
kalu ade owg asing ke nk baca..so,wat la 2 bhase..senang nk paham..kalu paham la..
english pn..50-50 :P hehe

so........let's enjoy..!!

oh here..1st pic I've searched it..
terjumpa la kucing yg cumel ni..mngingatkn supaya sntiase senyum.. ^_____^