Friday, September 23, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia..

+For the 1st time..Many artist From Korea do the concert at Malaysia.. *uwaa..crying a lot* but Happy to hear and see it~ on 24th September 2011 in Stadium Merdeka. Kuala Lumpur.

but: jeng jeng jeng.. I can't go!! T_T
= so, very upset now..and cannot concentrate about others matter.. *reallyx10*

* Stadium Ticket

Hope~ they can Come Malaysia again and do concert here. I wait for it and looking forward!! ^0^ and for who can go to see it, I hope wanna share it with you all!! VIP, KISS ME, PRIMADONA all fans!! wish you all enjoy it and waves for me to them! *happy with tears*

*uwaa..malam nih bole mimpi jela.. bestnye esok~ To all my Dearest Group Big bang, U-kiss, FT Island,Teen top, 4 minute and Park jung min! Fighting! Saranghaeyooo~!! Muahhh.. ^0^ *meet in my dream yea~ *

Recently watched

Secret Garden

Sipnopsis: If Others already watched it maybe knew it~ hehe a bit lazy~ :-P

= so, to me cerita nih unik and pertama kali tengok cerita korea Drama yang cuba menceritakan dari mule~ lagi mereka berdua memang dah pernah bertemu and last,bercinta dgn cara yang unik..and klakar + cute..haha cner tu bile combine? =jd klacute.. hehe lagi2 best!! tu masa mereka bertukar identiti.. ^_^

**so, to me this Story is very unique and first time to see Korean drama that try to tell viewers that lover couple already meet and how they know each other and about their acted of loving with their funny and cute ways. scene that I cannot forget is when their Identity is changed..

= walaupon cerita nih tahun 2010, taun nih baru dapat tengok sebabnye ternampak~ *wah..ternampak tuh..haha* Parody yang dilakonkan oleh BIG BANG.. *my Favorite Group* ^0^

** This story already aired 2010, sorry late watched it now 2011*bow* b'coz I have saw the Parody Secret Garden that BIG BANG show it in their Concert. ^0^

= Gil ra im as G.D
= Kim joo won as T.O.P
= Oska as Seungri *maknae*
= Director action school as Taeyang
=Assistant Kim Joo Won as Daesung

** Dowang Memang Best!! klakar..comei..**(Funny + Cute) ^^ likex100

Lpas je Drama nih, terus tgk Sunshine Angel..Taiwan Drama.. ^^ =macamane Tuan Rumah Loving dgn Pembantu Rumah.. *haa~unikkn? best..*

** after This Drama, Recently I watched sunshine Angel..Taiwan Drama..^^ =This story about Master and their Maid loving couple.. *haa best rite?*

~so, stop until hear~my advice is, don't forget to comment and watched it.. *fighting!* hoho~

OPPS~wait!! see this love Scene and their NG haha ^0^ love it~

= =scene nih klakar sweet~ kim joo won stare at gil ra im sleeping haha *aww blush* ^^

haa~this Pict for the sweet~ne? ^0^

+ so, bye~see ya and TAking Care *Cute Waves*