Saturday, August 21, 2010

My KareShi The OnLY One

Name: 赤西仁
Name(romaji):Akanishi Jin
Nicknames:Bakanishi (not really) ^_^ ,Jin @ jinjin
Birthday: July 4, 1984 (same date as me lol) hehe
Birth Place: Tokyo (like this place)
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O (wonder me ape ek?) *silly me* haha
Height: 178
Weight: 61 kg

Favorite animal: Dog
Pet: Dog named "TEN" "MARU" and "Pin" ( 6 pets now )
Favorite numbers: 4,7,12
Shoe Size: 26.5cm ( inchi?)
Best Friends:Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuu Shirota, Nishikido Ryo, Ikuta Toma
Respected Elder: Kimura Takuya
Eye sight: Both 1.5
Family:Dad, Mom, younger brother *i bet his family rock!*
Weak point: His fingernails, because they’re short. Also his collarbone is extremely ticklish! *this!! TRUE!! haha kAWAII~~*

*^______________^ when he smile~ I smile TOO!! * cute ne~~

Special skill: Soccer(played on a local team since he was in elementary school. he don’t play right now though.) >> but suGOI!!
Siblings:He have a brother. But he always wanted a little sister. If he had one he dote on her
Middle school club: Soccer. He played until I entered Johnny’s. His position was a forward.
Most Precious Thing: Friends,Family and KAT-TUN << tht's CORRECT! *LOVEE THEM TOGETHER MOMENTS*

This pic remind me CKTK! oww~

Friday, August 20, 2010

My NeW Crush!~ ^0^

>YES!! iTS ONEW LEADER~~ haha ^0<

>> wEll, dunnO why~ buT 1st i Liked him coz' suara Uniq gler~ nd LIKE his Killer Smile!~~ *eh~ yuna mmg senang ati nk ske2 snyuman org ni~haha ;P*
ok tgk ni~
>>+ tADAA!!

nmpk "coooolllllll jer~" hehe ;P

nd cHUAAAA this pic!! ^_________^

*CUTEEE NE???* >.<
sume2 comei2 mase ni~
actually da lame~ x post ni pn ok la~ hehe
see ya guys!! *comment2*