Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hii Guys~to all my followers !! my friends !!

Sorry for not update any news because recently I am lazy.. lol so many schedule that I need to do..watching drama,movie..going out..have fun..see any new BF..Opps! hehe milkysmile

Okay,here I wanna share my NEWWWWW BIASSSS!!! milkysmile hehehhehehe...

TADAA!!! New group KPOP from Cube Entertainment= BORN TO BEAT!!BTOB~  milkysmile  KYAAHHH~~ so comei tomei!! KYopTA! oh firstly I want to wish to BTOB HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you guys success forever and ever~ Love you!

BTOB-Sunjae ,Hyun sik, Minhyuk <3 amp="" changsub="" eun="" illhon="" kwang="" peniel="" td="">

I'm soooo in love with MINHYUK!! hehe Photobucket but others cute too..they have their own charm.. totally lovely! Photobucket I want to add his TWITTER!! because he alwayz update with photo of selca! ^_^
*dies* so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!

P/s: Will continue with LEE MINHYUK!! hehe <3 br="">

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